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#1 4/24/15 How are ya now?

Welcome and thanks for checking out the new website and blog!

First things first.

For my current Etsy customers:

All current orders are shipping by the end of this week.
All newest orders from the last 5-10 days will also ship this week, but some larger orders may go into next week. Email me with any questions.

Second things second.

I will get into the reasons that I am not on Etsy after 8+ years. But not today.

Third things third.

Same me, new website. Some of my long time customers may remember that I have had in a few versions over the years while also having a store on Etsy. Hopefully this is a better shopping experience for everyone, or at least will be in the near future.

And then.

The website is still being worked on and there will be changes, but it should not affect shopping or placing orders. If you have any issues or questions, please let me know.

PS…I will likely start the blog posts with FAQ topics, check back for a new post soon!

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