Color Charts (kanekalon/dreadlock hair)

We do not use a specific color chart because we order supplies from different places. Here are a few very good charts that you can reference. If you see a color you like, it is likely that we have the color in stock or can get it for your order.

Doctored Locks:


Diversity Hair:

* When a color is needed that cannot be purchased, we offer custom blending at no additional charge

Color Charts (human hair)

We custom dye most of our human hair extensions. Due to the nature of this, no color chart can fully represent all color choices that are available.

Synthetic Dreadlocks (general)

We make single ended (SE) and double ended (DE) dreadlocks.

We hand make 3 basic dread types. Here are representations of those 3 types:

Natural Untwisted:

Twist Natural:

Tight Twist:

Any of the above dread types can also be made in the following styles:



Transitional/Ombre Color


Candy Cane


Color Splash


Wrap Braid

How Many Dreads Do I Need For a Full Set?

There are a few factors involved when determining how many dreads you will need for a full install. Basically, until you wear your first set, it is a guessing game. But, we can make an estimate as to what you will need.

In general...

 - Most people need around 100 SE singles or 50/60 DE doubles. BUT, this can vary depending on your hair type, the dread type you choose, and the look you are going for.

- If your hair is thin, consider a 80 SE/40 DE set and go from there. You can always add more if you feel like you need it. Dreads can feel heavy at first; if your hair is thin, we always suggest going with a smaller set to start and adding on as needed.

- If your hair is really thick, consider a 120 SE/60-70 DE set and go from there.

If you run out of dreads during your install, don't panic! Email us right away and we will give you some ideas/tips/tricks to make what you have work until we can get some additional dreads made and shipped out to you.

If you are wearing dreads for theater/television/movie/special event and absolutely need to make sure you have enough for the perfect look...please consider ordering more dreads than you think you will need. In these situations, we may not be able to get you additional dreads fast enough. 

*If you are ordering our thick, natural style dreads, please send us a message if you are unsure about dread count. These are larger dreads and you may need less of them, depending on the look you are going for.

Installing Your Dreads

We suggest a simple braid in method for most customers. However, there are a number of different ways you can wear and attach your dreads. If you are attaching your new synthetic dreads to existing dreads or if you feel like an alternative method may be a better option for your needs, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your situation and what would work best for you hair.

Doctored Locks has some great tutorials; here you can see how to do a basic single and double ended install:



Don't want to install your dreads? Go with a dread fall! These are great for wearing pony tail or pig tail style. Put them in and take them out in a seconds! Tie in and pony elastic styles are available at no extra charge.

Care and Maintenance (synthetic dreadlocks)

Please contact us if you have any specific questions as this can vary depending on your dread style and how you are wearing your dreads. But, in general, here are the basics...

     Yes, you can wash your dreads whenever needed. Just wash your scalp and let the shampoo rinse through. Blot thoroughly and air dry.

     Yes, you should avoid high heat situations. That being said, there are specific ways to safely use heat; this also includes curling and waving your dreads. Please contact us so we can give you information specific to your needs.

     Yes, have fun with your dreads - they are not delicate or breakable (for the most part). Personally, I am very hard on my dreads and generally have no issues. Since you can wear these over and over for an extended amount of time, they will become more natural and soft looking. If you do not care for this look, they can be re-steamed/sealed.

     No, do not leave these in for more than 2-3 months. Unless you want to risk your hair dreading up, around and behind the dreads. If this is the plan, then go for it. 

     Yes, we can put dreads on clips, combs, barrettes, or just about anything you can imagine. We do charge extra for whatever you want them attached to and the sewing work involved. Just email us for a custom order or quote.


Special Pricing (synthetic dreadlocks)

If you need a dread set that has a lot of special work involved, it may not fit into our basic pricing. For example, as long as your dread set is primarily solid colors with or without a few a specialty styles, the basic pricing you see will be accurate. However, for example, if you need a full set of transitionals/ombre, candy canes, swirls, etc, the price will be higher because these take a lot longer to make. Special pricing is also included for dreads that are longer than 20 inches. We can make them any length you need, but anything past the first 20 inches will be an additional charge.