• 40 SE or 20 DE Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions


    For this price, you can choose 40 SE single ended dreads or 20 DE double ended dreads. You may also choose a combination set containing both SE and DE styles. SE dreads count as 1 and DE count as 2 dreads to your total amount.

    These dreads can be mounted into dread fall(s) at no extra charge, or can be left loose for installation. Please see the FAQ regarding colors/styles. 

    Production time for a dread set this size will typically be 3 weeks. This will vary based on set size and is approximate.

    For this pricing, you can choose from the following customization choices:

    Length: Any length, up to 20 inches

    Color: You may choose up to 10 different colors for this set

    Dread type: You may choose tight twist, twisted natural or natural untwisted

    Style: Solid colored dreads and up to 5 in any of the following styles



         candy cane




         wrap braid

         color splash



    There will be additional charges if you would like more than 5 dreads in the above styles, or if you need your dreads to be longer than 20 inches. Feel free to continue with your purchase and we can bill you for any additional charges if needed. Or, contact us and we can set up a custom order for your exact needs.