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Black and Blonde Human Hair Extensions

Hello and thanks for visiting the blog. For the first real post, I'm going to just jump right into what I'm doing with my hair at the moment because it is very easy, inexpensive and is a fun look for many hair colors, lengths and types. Pictures at the end of my yapping.

What we have going on here...

My real hair is blonde, layered, just past shoulder length. Real bad black roots. I'm wearing blonde human hair extensions and have added some off black human hair to change the look, in the laziest way I could think of, atm....

#1 4/24/15 How are ya now?

Welcome and thanks for checking out the new website and blog!

First things first.

For my current Etsy customers:

All current orders are shipping by the end of this week.
All newest orders from the last 5-10 days will also ship this week, but some larger orders may go into next week. Email me with any questions.

Second things second.

I will get into the reasons that I am not on Etsy after 8+ years. But not today.

Third things third.

Same me, new website. Some of my long time customers may remember that I have had in a few versions over the years...